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BadAss Bitch

BadAss Bitch
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Either You know her or you are her. She’s Fierce, Independent and Always has your back. She’s never afraid to express her opinion, call out BS or start a little trouble. This red blend is bold, spicy and beautiful. Pair it with T-bone steak, Extra Sharp Cheddar or drink it all by itself-- just be sure to share it with the Badass Bitches in your life. Cheers, Dana and Dave

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Wendy Mc cauley's Gravatar
Wendy Mc cauley
(Jun 7, 2021 at 7:37 PM)
This is a great gift to give your strong female friends who you respect and you know they will always speck there truth. No BS! The wine is full and taste smoothies after it has been open. Full front and soft finish. I love the label and thank you Dave and Dana to have the courage to name it. Love it. Thank you. This site will not me rate it

Addie Schille's Gravatar
Addie Schille
(Jul 21, 2021 at 8:53 PM)
How can you not love a Bad Ass Bitch, the friend or the wine? Drink it because it’s good, celebrate yourself and others with it because the kind of loyal friendships that are worth it, deserve at least this wine worthy toast!

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