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La Fleur's Winery
August 11, 2018 | The Family Behind the Vine | La Fleur's Winery

La Fleur's Winery Storytime - Quadruplets in the Vinyard

La Fleur's Winery Storytime- The family behind the vine

As a grandmother of quadruplets, Dana La Fleur finds the most joyful part of owning a winery is sharing it with her family. To say the La Fleur’s Winery is a family affair would be an understatement. Dana jokes often saying, “Heck! The quads can tell you more about a vineyard then most adults.” Being in the vineyard, tending to it, and caring for it always makes her smile -- forever engrossed in the beauty of nature. The thing that makes her the happiest, however, is the deep connection the vineyard brings between her and her husband Dave. This love, joy, and happiness can be found in every bottle of La Fleur’s Wine.


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