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LF’s is an Urban Winery bringing grapes to the city where we handcraft our wine with much care and love. Grapes sourced from California vineyards and our estate vineyard in Escondido. Good wine, good people and a desire to give back to the community!

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This Bordeaux is anything but traditional!

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Because it lacks couth (duh). Made from a little of this and a little of that...  (ok a lot of cab), a modicum of zin and a pinch of Syrah. That’s it, unfiltered, unrefined and unapologetic. Don’t be a snob, try it!


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A: Cab A Dab A Doo
Q: What would Yogi Bear's famous tag line be today if he had tried this Cabbefore spouting that "Yabba Dabba Doo" gibberish?

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The mirror image of our famous "Blown Barrel" Red Blend

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This is a very limited release - The barrel "literally" blew during bottling - only 50 bottles survived... and I drank 5... so only 45 bottles available - no tastings, no glass sales, no exceptions. Buy it, you'll like it, trust me (remember I drank 5). 

Available for  Wine Club Members Only - Not a club member? Join now!

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